Oct 29, 2020

Flu Shot Consent Forms

Flu Shot consent forms are being given to students tomorrow (Friday). Eastern Health will be doing flu shots the 3rd week of November.

  1. Students under 16 MUST have a parent/guardian consent
  2. Students over 16 DO NOT need parent/guardian consent
  3. ALL forms MUST be returned to the school Friday, Nov 6th
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Oct 19, 2020

Bus Safety Information

Resources on Student Transportation Safety have been developed by the District. They are available online and are expected to be viewed and discussed in the classroom, early in the school year, as well as communicated to parents.

Please review each of the following with your child (click on each to view):

  1. NLESD Bus safety video 
  2. Expectations on the bus
  3. Bus safety tips pamphlet

Early in the year we will conduct an evacuation drill to ensure bus eligible students are familiar with the procedure.

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Oct 18, 2020

Update on Career Development Hours for the 2020-2021 School Year

For the 2020-21 school year, the 30 hours of community contribution requirement is eliminated.

This change in the requirement applies to students graduating in 2020-21. It also applies to grade 10 and 11 students who are completing Career Development 2201 in the current school year and those who have already completed the course.

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Oct 13, 2020

Cap and Gown – Class of 2020

This year HHM are hosting a virtual Cap and Gown due to the limitations of in person gatherings as regulated by the Chief Medical Officer. We encourage all students to upload an image to be used in the event and any outside scholarships that you have received. The deadline for this form to be submitted is Friday, October 30th, 2020. Our Virtual Cap and Gown Ceremony will be held on Sunday, December 6th at 7:00pm. We encourage you to share this information with your family and friends to celebrate with you on this magnificent accomplishment. Use the click HERE link at the bottom of this message to submit the required information.

Click HERE

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Sep 30, 2020

Walk to Breakfast

$1 is a breakfast for a child. Support your local school’s Kids Eat Smart Club by donating online today Donations can be designated directly to your school.

Support TD Province Wide Virtual Walk for Breakfast. @KidsEatSmartNL @TD_Canada @NLTeachersAssoc @NLESDCA

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Sep 17, 2020

GSA Information

At HHM we strive to get the message out that in our school environment everyone should be valued and respected for who they are, regardless of their sexual orientation or gender identity. As a means of supporting that message, our school has an active Gay Straight Alliance that meets weekly in order to create and take part in  initiatives that celebrate and support  the LGBTQ+ community.

If you would like to join our GSA, our meetings are Wednesday lunchtime 11:30-12:20 in room 304. We also have a google classroom and google hangout  that you are also welcomed to join.

For information you can contact


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Sep 04, 2020

Update regarding opening times

Please note that the school will open its doors at 8:35am daily and all students must exit the building by 3:15pm daily.

For Grade 10’s Orientation Wednesday, Sept 9th.
There is a bus run for the pick up for the 9:00am group (no return bus available at 11:00am, students must arrange their own transportation)

The students who are attending the 1:00pm session must arrange transportation to the school. Bussing will be provided at 3:00pm dismissal.

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Aug 26, 2020

Back to School Information

Below are the start times for students for the beginning of school. Also there is a link to a you tube video that is a virtual tour of the school. On the first day for Grade 10 students, we will also be doing a tour of the school and taking some time to go over a number of items and to answer questions I am sure you will have.

Wednesday, September 9th – 9:00am – Level 1 Students with Last Names from A-H (virtual tour)

Wednesday, September 9th – 1:00pm – Level 1 Students with Last Names from I-Z

Thursday, September 10th – Full Day for ALL students (Day 1 in your schedule)

We ask all students to check your powerschool before school starts to know which class you are in. Paper copies WILL be available, however to ensure no congestion in halls, the more that know their classroom the smoother it will be.

Level 4 students should email a member of the admin to setup a time to look at their schedules.

A reminder that NO outside visitors (including parents) are permitted into the school WITHOUT a prior booked appointment time.

We look forward to seeing you all in a few weeks.

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Aug 24, 2020

PowerSchool Login Credentials

    The student/parent login for PowerSchool has been temporarily disabled by NLESD. We will notify all when its open again in a few days.

Students can check their schedules by logging in to their Powerschool Account at

The login information is the same as last year however, If a student does not remember their login info they can obtain these from the school secretary on August 31st when the school office re-opens.

Our goal is to have all students on Powerschool removing the need for paper copies if at all possible.

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