Hazing/Field Party Information

September 12, 2019

Parents and Guardians,

The Holy Heart administration is aware of a potential ‘field party’ this weekend, involving our students. We are told the event is planned for Friday (September 13) in Torbay – but the fact that we are sharing this information may result in a change of date or location. We are told this event may involve hazing or initiation activities; could include drugs and alcohol, and has been brought to the attention of the police.  

Hazing and initiation activities are abusive and unacceptable behaviours and are not tolerated by the Newfoundland and Labrador English School District. Every student throughout our province has the right to feel safe and secure in pursuing their education. 

Should any student feel uncomfortable in situations outside school, they are encouraged to contact someone they trust, or report the matter to police. Our school’s guidance officials and administrators work closely with our RNC Community Liaison Officer and are available should any student wish to discuss this or any other matter.

While we realize you may already be discussing these issues within your family, in light of the information we have received, we encourage you to discuss the potential consequences of underage drinking, illegal drug use and criminal activity with your children and communicate your expectations for their conduct. If you have concerns, or have further information to relay, please contact the school’s administration or the RNC. 

We appreciate your assistance in helping us achieve the goal of ensuring all Holy Heart students feel safe and supported.