Public Exam Deferral Option

PUBLIC EXAM DEFERRALS – We have a VERY unique situation. Clashes for students have been caused by the move of the exam schedule. For this reason, and where we have an opportunity to respond, we will work with families and teachers to support students as required.

Specifically, we have received requests for exam deferral due to plans made for the week of February 3rd.

In each request for deferral, APPROVED students will have their exam written on the original date scheduled (the week of January 27th as per the original schedule) or to choose to defer the exam to June.

All requests for APPROVAL must be sent to Mr. Barry at as soon as possible.

Examples of APPROVED would be family travel that is NOT refundable, or a specialist appointment that cannot be moved. Proof of reason will be required. (booked itinerary, copy of specialist appointment, etc.)

This is not an option for a student who wishes to write the Public exam during the original date for reasons determined not essential.

For students who are not writing Public Exams but are writing school based exams, this will not be the option.  However, please contact me and we will arrange an alternate date after the NEW exam dates are passed.