Welcome to the Holy Heart Faculty page. Holy Heart currently has more than sixty full time teachers and support staff, working to make sure the school runs smoothly and efficiently.


Sheldon Barry – Principal
Fiona Higdon – Assistant Principal
Mark Jones – Assistant Principal
Emmie Maloney – Administrative Assistant
Valerie Perchard – Administrative Assistant



Department Heads

Kelly Smith – English
Dave Newhook – French
James Camsell – Social Studies
Ed Reddick – Technology
Kelly House – Math
Stephanie Gillis -Special Services/PASS
Jamie Parsons – Science
Michelle O’Connell – IB Coordinator/English



Boyd Perry – Guidance
Julia Warren – Guidance
Holly Lewis– Special Services/Guidance
Judy Furlong-Mallard – Guidance – On Leave


Robert Brake – Science   –   website
Darlene Brown – Special Services
Jacinta Bruce – Physical Education
Danielle Burlock – French/Socials
Sarah Chalker – Special Services/ELA
Robert Colbourne – Choir
Jason Counsel – Math
Kayla Dillon – Math/English
Jeremy Dixon – Physical Education
Stephanie Dooley – Special Services
John Douglas – Physical Education/Socials
Tanya Edney – English
Michael Gillam – Science/Math – website
Brad Gosse – Math/Socials
Iris Goulding– Special Services
Aimee Hann – Science
Sarah Harmun – Special Services
Rick Heffernan – Student Assistant
Mona Hepditch – Science
Darren Holloway– Science
Donna Ivey– Special Services
Natasha Janes – Science
Jamie Jenkins– Science
Colleen Kearsey– English
Leslie Kennedy – English
Brett Langdon– English
Rob Lee– Band/Music
Holly Lewis– Special Services
Stephanie Lidstone – Special Services
Joanne Lockyer – Art/Science
Jon Lodge– Math/ Phys Ed
Heather MacLaggan – Family Studies
Dawn Marsh– Math
Paul Masters – Special Services
Jon Mauger – Math
Suzanne McBride – ESL
Emily Morgan – LEARN
Paula Moyse – Math
Andrew Moyst – English/Socials
Blaine Myles– Social Studies/French
Janet Nixon – Science
Jeanne O’Brien – English and Film Studies
John Pinto – Student Assistant
Stephanie Power – Art/Social
John Rao – Theatre Arts –  website
Leanne Rossiter – Social Studies
Tim Rusted – Math
Jamie Sharpe– Special Services
Todd Sharpe – Math   –  website
Greg Simmons – LEARN
Amy Slaney-Howell – English
Crystal Soper – IRT/Socials
Linda Stacey – Math – On Leave
Craig Stratton – Social Studies/Technology    – website
Janet Toope – Learning Resources
Martha Trahey – ESL
Sylvie Trillaud – Languages and Social Studies
Becky Winsor– ELA/Socials
Greg Winter– Special Services
Lynn Worthman– Science
Patricia Wright – Special Services
Meleny Yetman-Holloway – Art